The right music and a good DJ can make any event a success. If you're planning a party you need music to set the mood and hot sounds to get people dancing. If you're getting married, you need romantic music for the ceremony & dinner and fun tunes to dance and relax to at the reception afterwards. As your entertainment specialist I can provide all of this for you - and guarantee that it will be a hit!

Package 1

Dj, and small Light package (no master of ceremony)

Package 2

Dj, and Master of ceremony small light package (cocktail music optional)

Package 3

DJ, and Master of Ceremony, live percussionist, small light package (cocktail music optional )

Package 4

DJ, and Master of ceremony, live percussion, small light package, cocktail vocalists

Package 5

DJ, and Master of ceremony, Live Percussion, Concert Lighting (moving heads) Kinetics (cocktail music optional)

Package 6

Dj Master of ceremony, live percussion, concert lighting (moving heads) Kinetics, 2 - 50 inch plasmas, with your own zap photographer, that will provide your professional photos at the end of the event on a DVD, we also will provide a montage dvd video to be played during dinner, pictures of the guests of honor from baby years to present.

DJ Setup